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Scan any physical object
3D scanning is a fast and sufficiently precise way of putting physical object onto the computer in an organized data, called 3D scan data. The 3D scan data is represented with a scale digital model or a 3D graphical rendering. Once the scan data is on the computer, all of the dimensions of the …

New 3D printing build volume
New size – new possibilities of our 3D printing service. With our build volume for objects up to 290Lx270Wx220H mm, no need to scale down or slice your large objects to fit on a small print plate. Will be able to print all at once, maintaining a 100 micron layer thickness.
The post New 3D …

More colors for 3D printing
Currently, 3D printing capabilities are rapidly expanding, appears more and more materials for 3D printing. There is such a range of 3D filament colors and material available now for 3d printing that sometimes it can be difficult to choose which one to get. So we have decided to expand our range of …

Aprašymas: The wide range of 3D services. WRYEDGE specialization is the object concept design, visualization, scanning and rapid prototyping technique.

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