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Reinventing the way listings are submitted with WYSIWYG Submission
Last week we released the Real Estate Directory theme. In the comments for the release blog post one of you guys asked us when are we planning to do something truly innovative. Well… ta-da 🙂 Few years back when “magazine themes” was the only different thing happening to WordPress …

The future of real estate portals is here. Meet Real Estate Directory!
Today I’m proud to announce our biggest theme of the year, Real Estate Directory. As you’ve probably guessed just by reading the name, this theme is based on our Directory platform, i.e. the system behind the popular Directory theme. Since we’ve been talking about Directory for …

Directory update 1.1.7 is available in the member area
When compared to the last few updates, version 1.1.7 is probably one of the bigger ones. Even though most of the changes are fairly small, there are a few significant improvements; including one that was requested by many inside the forums. To get this version either download it manually from member …

Introducing the Locations directory theme; a unique take on Directory
After all those add-ons released last week it’s time to spice things up with a fancy new (child) theme. That theme is Locations, a new and colorful take on the well-established Directory design. Lots of design tweaks Locations is the first Directory child theme with a new approach to the …

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