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SharePoint Solutions and Web Parts

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Tekstinė tinklalapio versija: JungleDoc.Document Automationfor SharePoint. Quickly and easily create, automate and fill documents,
combine them by clicking checkboxes. JungleDoc helps to manage documents in SharePoint
according to best practices. You can reuse your data in few intuitive clicks, to avoid
typing. Generate nice looking reports by exporting SharePoint list view content to Word.
And keep them in sync. And JungleDoc Workflow actions help to create, combine and automate
documents unattended or after something happens. JungleMail.Newsletters & Group emails in SharePoint. Send emails to contacts stored in SharePoint list
or AD groups. JungleMail includes a subscription management web section – which
means that users can subscribe to topics of interests and receive emails
according to their preferences. It also shows how your subscribers behave by
providing real-time analysis values of who opened, clicked links and
unsubscribed. [..]