• Konstitucijos pr. 7, 12a., LT-09308 VILNIUS

  • Telefonas: 8 5 2758841

  • Įmonės kodas: 300543173

  • PVM kodas: LT100002384811

  • Tinklalapis: www.prosperainfo.com

Prospera  www.prosperainfo.com

Tekstinė tinklalapio versija: PROSPERA: LEADERS IN ACCOUNTING AND RELATED CORPORATE CONSULTING SERVICES Prospera is an international group of accounting and related corporate consulting companies, with membership of Jeffreys Henry International (JHI), Malta Institute of Management, offering superior bespoke services since 1992. High net worth individuals, international companies, professionals such as accountants and lawyers, as well as banks and other financial institutions globally have relied on our services for their professionalism and integrity since 1992 [..]