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Personnel Planning – Time Registrations – Task Management – Project

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How to stand out in the competition? Knowledgebase is a very important instrument!
To do business becomes more and more challenging in a global world. Customer expects more and product becomes more and more complex. Excellent customer service is a key factor to keep existing customers, but also to attract new customers …

How to save cost with an Employee Management System (Part2)
If you don’t plan it, then you plan to fail! These words from Winston Churchill should be your mantra.
In this blog article we use examples from stores but the technique is universal and can easily be aligned to production units or to more traditional offices …

How to save cost with an Employee Management System (Part 1)
On the market you will find many administrative systems for employee management and the reason is obvious. Big money can be saved in many different areas if they are used correctly.We will in a series of blog articles look at different saving areas …

How to become more productive?
To gain full control of all your business tasks it is a must to master some skills.
Getting Things Done (GTD) is a task management methodology described in the book of the same title by productivity consultant David Allen.
It identifies the five key phases …

Aprašymas: Software for Personnel Planning, Time Registrations, Task Management and Project Management. A complete package for cost effective workforce planning Web-based

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