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Softify on a rush with new platform for Binary Options trading
Softify currently under development of a new platform for binary option financial trading. Detailed information about new product soon will be released.The post Softify on a rush with new platform for Binary Options trading appeared first on Softify …

Softify P2P betting platform got more muscle in Risk Management
The platform was updated with more advanced alerts and insights, based on system calculations, analyzing user’s activity and habits. Risk management is based on both parties, user’s and platform administrator’s. Softify platform is attractive tool to be different also it’s …

Softify updates P2P betting software with bookmaker odds comparison ability
The feature of comparison, allow users to identify P2P betting benefits. The odds of P2P sports betting, often are better than bookmakers. From this point of view, P2P system is much more attractive. Users can easily compare odds and bring their decision.The post Softify updates P2P betting software …

Additional features in admin panel for better P2P betting offers.
Betting software was updated with new user analysis tools. The tools allow classify detailed information about user resources. The tools enables forecast behavior and risk appetite. The more we know about our user, the more aimed offers we can offer. Passion for sports betting can be bigger ardor …

Aprašymas: Softify sports betting software is innovative and attractive P2P betting system. New betting experiences, new senses in sports betting.

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