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Novartis: Broad healthcare portfolio for changing patient needs

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Novartis to license Google "smart lens" technology
Novartis announced that its eye care division Alcon has entered into an agreement with a division of Google Inc. to in-license its „smart lens“ technology for all ocular medical uses …

mHealth: offering a mobile device revolution in healthcare
Novartis innovation and events such as mHealth challenge to enable patients to access data and personal information about their health via mobile devices …

Going the final mile against leprosy
How Novartis is working towards the elimination of leprosy across the world with partners such as the World Health Organization (WHO) by donating multidrug therapy (MDT) to treat leprosy patients globally …

Experts Call for New Approach to Patient and Physician Management of Type 2 Diabetes
Experts are calling for a new approach to the management of type 2 diabetes after a global survey revealed major disconnects in communication, disease awareness and expectations between patients and physicians …

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