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Tekstinė tinklalapio versija: Management Tools User menu Jump to navigation Today’s economic challenges require the company to be confident in its understanding of its real strategic situation and to trust the economic forecasts, both technical and financial. The real job of business manager is about understanding better, to forecast better. Modelling situations and creating scenarios are the keys. This applies and for small and medium businesses. Orixel is a team of business consultants which proposes to help you to design and build your own bespoke flexible tools for Planning & Forecasting, Reporting, Business Structuring, Investment or Transaction Modelling. Orixel also test and evaluate the reliability of your current models. Orixel team specializes in business solutions based on MS Excel™, Access™ and Visual Basic for Application (VBA), with extensive skills in data mining, SharePoint™, web applications. Not only Orixel builds and reviews models, but it transfers skills and expertise to [..]