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  • Tinklalapis: www.largecode.com

LargeCode  www.largecode.com

Aprašymas: Large & medium scale software development

Tekstinė tinklalapio versija: Large & medium scale software development Portfolio Content publishing tools & systems integration Agility – Process – Quality – Craftmanship Get a team of skilled professionals Risk management system Svenska We don’t walk the road alone Mission-critical French Telecom system Some projects we have carried out Let’s get to know each other eGov platform for Icelandic institutions We have developed advertising and content publishing tool for mobile platform. The tool was integrated into existing IQ journal content management system. Our developed system pulls content, transforms, packs and sends it to mobile applications. The system also supports billing with app stores.
Technologies used: Java, Play framework, Javascript, Guice, Ehcache, Hibernate, H2, SQL, JSON, Ivy. We are hiring craftmen Web Application for Personalized Events We have jumped-in to large-scale eGov project. We have managed to understand the complexity of the project, to [..]

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