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IPM – International People Management | Trainings and seminars

Aprašymas: The best and fastest Human Resource Development tools in the world to support you and your company success!

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Tekstinė tinklalapio versija: Do you negotiate and influence others effectively? More » One of the most advanced personality profiling that manages the employee lifecycle. Facet5 is a reliable approach to create and manage the main value of any company – Human Capital. More » IPM company offers totally new teambuilding training model – teambuilding based on Facet5. More » IPM® has succesful experience in fast personal and companysuccess development in Lithuania since 2001 and internationalexperience since 1970. IPM® as a member of a worldwide organization, is your guarantee of knowledge and one of the best Human Resource Development tools in the world to support you and your company’s success. © 2006-2014 "International People Management". All rights reserved.CMS JustPageIT | Created e-sense [..]

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