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Tekstinė tinklalapio versija: Build, Capitalize, and Sustain a Decisive Competitive Edge What it is? Whatever system the organization have – any kind of ERP – will not support the TOC conceptsEspecially the differentiation TOC makes between Planning and ExecutionERP does planning, without full consideration of the uncertainty, and builds everything around it.Execution in ERP means re-planning as much as necessaryExecution in TOC – buffer management – means prioritizing based on changing reality WITHOUT re-planning  Username See what Dr. Goldratt has to say about us Social Networks We think that:Spending a lot of money on consultantsHaving spent much time in trainingDid buy-in for employeesWe know the algorithms Password Can we quickly and easily do the project by ourselves? But, What we did so far is just to reach the start line of the project!!! Remember Me Inherent Simplicity has assisted dozens of organizations across various industries to achieve these amazing results putting [..]