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Welcome to Prosapia  www.prosapia.lt

Aprašymas: Prosapia bringing you the best European products. Introducing to the Baltic States "the Baby’s Nest / Kūdikio Lizdas" containing everything the new Mum, Dad and baby will need when they return home from the delivery of the new baby.

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Tekstinė tinklalapio versija: LT Why “The Baby’s Nest”,  read a mothers story below: „I remember how I felt waiting for our little one, much anxiety and absolute confusion. I did not know what to buy; I knew that the long-awaited baby should lack nothing. Frightened by the thought of missing something, I wrote many lists of what I thought I needed for the first few hours and days after the birth. And with a sad heart – I thought „How will I buy all these things“. I went several times to the children’s goods stores. But there was a multitude of clothing and items. Their high prices completely stunned me. I estimated the price, I burst into tears, I went out, I called my mother… As often happens in my second pregnancy it was more practical. My friend lives in Finland and showed me „The Baby Box“. Originally it raised a smile, the idea of some sort of box. Later, I saw the elegant design of box. It is safe and clean. My friend used it as a crib as well; her baby looked so comfortable and [..]

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