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The world's echo system
In „ResetDOC“, Seyla Benhabib critiques humanitarian reason; „Blätter“ reports on Europe’s new refugee movement; „openDemocracy“ expresses alarm at the expulsions of a predatory capitalism; „Springerin“ looks at the Arab Spring’s legacy in contemporary art; „Dérive“ sees through the technology- …

No stone throwing in glass houses
The Arab Spring has done nothing to stop business continuing as usual in the art markets of the Gulf states, write Nat Muller and Ferry Biedermann. At the same time, the wrath of Arab peninsula monarchies continues to rain down on anything that smacks of dissent …

The Arab Spring and "Islam"
Discourses on Islam and Islamism remain in flux after the Arab Spring. Farid Hafez focuses on the counterrevolution in Egypt and the military regime’s instrumentalization of a radical Islamic discourse, ostensibly to stop the Muslim Brotherhood turning Egypt into „Iran 2.0 …

A place, a garden, some time
No more radical manifestos and no private life either: artists must now commit every waking hour to their business plan. Durs Grünbein on leading a creative life despite everything, plus influences ranging from a tradition of European reform to ancient Mediterranean cultures …