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Tekstinė tinklalapio versija: Europe camping map: Latest news Dear visitor, welcome to ECG site. What comes first into one’s mind after hearing “camping”?.. Select camping country from the list: Latest articles If you own or know a camping in Europe, feel free to submit it to our campsites list. Happy New 2010 Camping Season, Campers!.. Latest camping reviews New feature on our site – Europe weather conditions.. Newly added campings Everyone who has already visited Italy agrees that it is marvelous country full of historical sights, outstanding culture and artistry. Nonetheless the culture is just a part of a wonder. Italy has wide diversity of beautiful natural sights such as mountains, lakes, Mediterranean sea, islands and prescious golden fields like in Tuscany reagion… Spring festivals might be a very good occasion to start our camping season this year. However, carefully choosing campsites as the weather is still too cold to stay in an ordinary tent.
So, what’s good happening in [..]