• E. Čirbos IĮ

  • Antakalnio g. 60, LT-20144 UKMERGĖ

  • Telefonas: 8 656 50066

  • Įmonės kodas: 182914370

  • PVM kodas: LT829143716

  • Tinklalapis: www.ecii.lt

ECII  www.ecii.lt

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Tekstinė tinklalapio versija: Fourteen years of purposeful work and experience, new lorry park and professional team of drivers enable us to offer you car transporting services of the highest quality. Evaldas Cirba’s individual enterprise was founded 11th September 1996. It started its activity with only one five place motor-lorry that had been carrying only our enterprise’s car for four years. Soon after the first customers got used to our enterprise’s services, a new eight-place motor-lorry DAF had appeared. It has been served for ten years and now you can see it in Kaunas car market demonstrating cars that are being sold. In order our motor-lorries to be technically tidy and clean, in 2000 a decision was made to buy mechanical workshops of 1400 . Every year the number of new customers increases because of honest work and responsibility for riches which are being confided to enterprise for conveying. Owing to this, the motor-lorries park has been spreading, four motor-lorries worked in 2002 and [..]

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