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Grand Cavalier Exclusive
Client: Grand Cavalier Brandy
Type of work: Design
For the cinnamon-flavored spin-off of the immensely popular Grand Cavalier brandy, we created an Asian-inspired look and feel, which started with the bottle design and was carried out across all other media …

The Drink That Had No Name
Client: Švyturys – Utenos Beer
Type of work: Campaign
To come up with a concept for an alcopop drink aimed at a young, trendy audience, we created a drink that had no name, while boasting a very telling visual design and a clever subversive message …

The Blender
Client: Viena Sąskaita Bill Management Service
Type of work: TV
To showcase the convenience of having all your utility bills managed by a single service, we decided to depict the bills as objects placed into a blender, inspired by the famous Will It Blend online videos …

Sweeney Todd
Client: Vilnius City Opera
Type of work: Campaign
To develop a campaign for the Sweeney Todd opera that would live up to the fame of its creators, the musical and the Hollywood movie, we created a series of deliciously meaty ads with a bit of a bloody twist …

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