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Ярмарка Варфоломея в Вильнюсе
В 1945 г. накануне дня св. Варфоломея (24 …

Bartholomew Fair in Vilnius, Lithuania
In the eve of the 24th of August, 1495, which
is now the well known St. Bartholomew‘s day, the grand duke Alexander
acknowledged the statute of the first Vilnius guild. The guild of goldsmiths
was the first to be given the privilege of sovereign. Since then, the 24th of
August is one of the most …

На маршруте Рига-Стокгольмом будет курсировать только паром «M/S Isabelle»
АО Tallink Grupp заключила договор с ООО Bridgemans Services о чартере M/S Silja Europa&nbsp …

The Riga-Stockholm route will be operated only by «M/S Isabelle» cruiseferry
AS Tallink Group has entered into an agreement with Bridgemans Services Ltd. on the M/S Isabelle Silja Europa charters to Australia, which will become the new ferry hub, starting with August. These changes mean that certain ferries will be relocated into existing Tallink& …

Aprašymas: Baltic Travel Group is an Incoming Tour Operator and Destination Management Company(DMC) for Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia. We offer Booking services, Group tours, Excursions, Sightseeing, PCO services

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