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Aprašymas: AviationCV.com is a global provider of aviation specialist resourcing solutions for airlines, MRO providers and other industry players. The company has its own vast database of flight crew members, aircraft engineers and other aviation specialists aimed at meeting short and long term HR needs of the global aviation industry

Tekstinė tinklalapio versija: Growth of Africa's economies has accelerated. According to a new report by the African Development Bank, the continent's growth is projected to accelerate to 4.8% in 2014 alone. With the increased consumer spending and a new middle class on the rise, the outlook for African aviation industry is also positive. Nevertheless, developing its full potential still remains a challenge, especially with regard to proper HR-support During the last decade, airlines have added thousands of new destinations to their networks and are expected to carry over 3.3 billion people in 2014. At the same time, with oil prices still averaging at $108/barrel, they continue to struggle with profitability and thus implement different money-saving strategies, including those requiring significant personnel salary cuts. However, there are reasons to believe that these measures are in fact holding back the industry from further growth. With fuel prices accounting for up to 30% of airlines&rsquo [..]