• Loretos Asanavičiūtės g. 38-307, LT-04313 VILNIUS

  • Telefonas: 8 683 11616

  • Įmonės kodas: 302448005

  • PVM kodas: LT100005064410

  • Tinklalapis: www.etdt.lt

Apie mus  www.etdt.lt

Aprašymas: Entertainment Distributors
Mes bendradarbiaujame su daugelis maitinimo įstaigomis, mūsų įmones tikslas teikti kokybiškas paslaugas ir prekes, kurios atitiktų mūsų klientų lūkesčius.

Raktažodžiai:   pramogos, alus, prieskoniai, uzkandziai

Tekstinė tinklalapio versija:           “Entertainment Distributors” is a company, which has reorganised its activity in a absolutely new way. We tend to give our client an opportunity to choose from various kinds of free-time activities. Additionally our company deals with services and distributions for Hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs. We are supporting concerts and arrangements with our products and goods. Company’s main goal is a supply of qualitative Services which suits our client’s needs. Our Company’s staff has a vast experience in entertainment planning. Our company’s great push and everlasting brainstorming are the prime reasons which motivate innovations in Lithuania. Our future concept is simple – we will do things by new and modern method [..]

Nuorodos:   www.etdt.lt   www.visiskoniai.lt