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 At almost  last days of Spring and AIESEC Lithuania is preparing for  the national conference Take off’14 which will happen on 23rd-25th of May.             Participants of the conference will be only those who had positions in their Local Commities Executive Board during 2013/2014  …

Experience sharing about AIESEC Internship
AIESEC platform enables youth to develop leadership not only by being a member of this organization, but also by participating in AIESEC  Internship Program. Justina, one of AIESEC Internship Program participants, sharing her own experience. “If you are bored of your studies or job, want to …

This weekend (11th – 13th April) AIESEC Lithuania organized the last big conference this year – SYNERGY’14. It took place in Vilnius, „Ateities“ Secondary school. SYNERGY’14 gathered more than 160 delegates. Local committees from all the country arrived, also facilitators from all over …

National Conference Synergy’14
   On April 11th–13th AIESEC Lithuania will held the last big conference of this term – SYNERGY’14.  This national conference will gather more than 150 AIESEC’ers  from all the country (Local committees Vilnius ISM, Vilnius, Kaunas and Initiative groups Šiauliai and KTU). It is worthy …

Aprašymas: Welcome to AIESEC Lithuania – the Lithuanian branch of the largest student run organisation in the world. We are providing high quality internship and leadership experiences to the aspiring Lithuanian students, as well as access to an international talent pool for developing businesses of Lithuania. It is about experience, new journeys, personal and professional development. Stay EDGY and Enjoy!

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