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About Us  www.fods.com

Raktažodžiai:   FOD, Fiber Optic Devices, LIFODAS, fiber optic test equipment manufacturing, laser and LED modules design and manufacturing, clip cn coupler, optical power meters, LED and laser light sources

Tekstinė tinklalapio versija: ABOUT US Fiber Optic Devices Ltd. (FOD), an employee owned company, is a complete fiber optic technology company offering a variety of products and services to the OEM and End-user markets. Founded in 1991, FOD is a recognized leader in partnerships in the design and manufacturing of Fiber Optic Components and Fiber Optic Test & Measurement solutions.
FOD invests over 20% of revenue into R&D activities, creating new and innovative solutions for Components
and Test & Measurement products. FOD continues to provide market leading features in compactness, cost-of-manufacturing, optical specifications and quality.
FOD is located in the center of Europe in Vilnius, Lithuania. FOD offers globally competitive solutions in a stable European Union environment.
Recent projects FOD has offered the general market and/or in partnership with globally branded suppliers: Thank you for visiting Fiber Optic Devices [..]